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September 11th, 2008

02:06 am

After being stuck since yesterday, I had a lovely conversation with sunnyd_lite over IM, and that apparently shook some stuff loose. Because I just scribbled over 900 words of effortless prose, and not!Harmony has backstory, and a profession (so to speak), and now we know how she and not!Harry met, and a little more on why they're together.

She's actually kind of a loser. It's...rather endearing.

Word count, so far: 16,708

That "officially" passes what I have in the not!Iron Man story. And I haven't even got to the good bits yet.

In other news, I'm storyboarding an Iron Man vid to U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." And the trailer for "The Soloist" is finally, finally out. And it looks awesome.

Also, RDJ blowing on that Polaroid in the Route V50 thing is just, dude, smoking hot, and I need to icon it. Tomorrow.

I watched "Home for the Holidays" tonight, which puts this in some better context. The irony of RDJ's character being the most stable, well-adjusted member of the family in that movie is ... well, hilarious. "Nice shuttle." *dies*

11:25 am
I...am an idiot.

And this necessitates changing a paragraph in the opening scene of this story, because this throwaway thing I used to inject some humor into a horrific situation just...yeah. Doesn't work with this guy's personality or psychology. Like, at all. Not unless he's a hell of a lot more screwed up than I'm making him out to be. And yes, he's screwed up. Massively. But he's not that screwed up.

But this is why we go back and think about this stuff, and probably why I've been obsessing about this scene just a little. It didn't feel right, it's never felt right...and now I've fixed it.

And piled yet more trauma on him in the bargain.

Go, me.

Poor, poor not!Harry...

Yeah, it's still All. About. Him.

06:05 pm



With Rockne O'Bannon and kradical. This is going to rock. KRad is the only person who managed to write a decent Farscape novel.

This is very very cool.

Speaking of comics, I just got done reading the Iron Man: Extremis GN, and it's awesome. Holy crap, Adi Granov, who did the art in that thing, has my undying love. It's smoking hot. I should not be fanning myself over a character drawn on a page.

I was going to link to something else, but the comics have pretty much driven every other thought right out of my head.