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September 12th, 2008

10:13 am
The scale...

is my BITCH.

121.8 this morning.

I'm going to hit the not!KKBB/IM really hard today. I've thought of an element to not!Harry's disappearance that adds more angst for the other characters having to do with the fact that they wondered if he took off on his own because this is a tough time of the year for him. *evil laughter*

Of course this means that I may need to go back and make him a little more fragile than he is throughout the rest of the story.



The BeeFic is up at AfterburnSF!

01:42 pm
Truckin' along...

I scribbled my 250 words before lunch today. Go, me. ETA word count: over 17,000 now. Yay!

Darling so far: She closed her eyes. "You gave the guy with PTSD something that'll make him hallucinate on the anniversary of the triggering event? Oh my god."

Oh, not!Harry. Your day is about to get so much worse...

Did I mention that the BeeFic is up at Afterburn SF? Because it totally is. My second sale, guys! Go forth and read and tell me how brilliant I am!

04:46 pm
*evil laughter*


Here we go.

530 words so far today, which makes up for the fact that I only did about half my 250 yesterday. So anything else is gravy.

And now it's time to ruin everyone's day.

Ruin everyone's day more, that is. Actually, their day had already been ruined, they just didn't know it yet. They're getting ready to find out.

Maybe one more little transitional scene before the carnage starts...

Also. Pimp, pimp, pimp. Because, you know, I'm shameless that way.