September 18th, 2008

KKBB manip Tony/Pepper

Well, crap.

I just realized that I hinted at...

Er, no. I came right out and said that the researcher responsible for wolfing not!Harry had a bunch of strange and scary rabbits in various stages of dissection in his house.

This means that I really should write the scene where my PI breaks into his house for his computers and any notes he may have left lying around--and finds the rabbits.

Tomorrow. Because, dude, it's past 3am and I should be in bed. Seriously. But 850 words today. This makes me happy. It's trucking along...
Tony Stark--Anteaters

A big...

SCREW YOU to my uterus. *strangles it with my bare hands*

Yeah, my last cycle started on the 25th.


Writing? What is this "writing" thing of which you speak? The Muse, apparently in fear of my Mighty PMS, appears to have run away.

Maybe I'll move my business to the front room.

Maybe I should figure out what the hell I'm going to say in my "What you can learn about writing by writing fanfic" panel that I'm doing at MountainCon tomorrow.

And maybe I'll just watch Iron Man or KKBB and eat bonbons. I'm not even going to get into my disturbing behavior last night involving photoshopping screencaps so I can get a better mental visual of what not!Harry's back looks like after my first scene. Yeah, I should probably close that window before the Hubby gets home from work. not well.
wolf eyes

Well, now.

There's about 600 words or so. Maybe more. Probably more, because I actually have no idea where I left off on this other scene last night.

Anyway, what this means is, I just broke 24,000 words.

Excuse me if this makes me just the slightest bit...flail-y.

I need to add to the creepiness factor of what I just wrote, but it's a good start.