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September 22nd, 2008

10:22 am
Weekly word count!

So. Last week's word count was: 21,030

This week's word count: 24,876

So, I wrote 3,846 words this week.

Considering the fact that my putative goal is 250 words a day, making my weekly goal 1,750, I'm going to call this a win. Especially since I didn't get as much written at MountainCon as I usually do at a Con. However, I got some valuable research done (found out that cell phone GPS works exactly the way I need it to for my plot, and had a lovely conversation with the beautiful and talented Penny Johnson Jerald about audition callbacks), and figured out some plot elements and a few other things I need to do.

And now, to writing. Because the last line I wrote last night suuuuuucks beyond the telling of it, but I didn't have time to fix it before I went to bed. Note to self: SHOW, DON'T TELL. This:

Janni took Ben out before he wolfed out and ate them, but it was a near thing and left them all sweating.

is a good summary of what happened, but frak me if it's "good writing."

04:19 pm
I am so very stupid.

However, my characters are not. And they would keep werewolf!not!Harry as far away from a truckload of were-vamp-bunnies as possible.

*headdesks repeatedly*

However, no one but not!Harry knows that not!Pepper is also a werewolf. So I'll have fun with her instead.

10:11 pm

I've done my 250 words.

I've broken 25,000 total.

And not!Perry (who is now a woman played by Camryn Manheim) has suddenly developed a personality.

Took her long enough. Now I have to go back and edit that in...

Also, Heroes broke my brain, Terminator broke my heart, and I have a headache that two ibuprofen and another two naproxen haven't touched.

However, I also have an Iron Man t-shirt I picked up at Wally World for $7 in the boys' department, as a boys' XXL will fit me. Yay. And a new Steelers jacket--although they way they played yesterday, the thing should have been half price. What did they do, replace the offensive line with high schoolers? Jeepers.

AND. We had lunch with one of the executive directors of Focus on the Family today, which was very cool.