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September 25th, 2008

12:59 am

I have bunny rabbits that have been shot up with the same juice my mad scientist used on not!Harry that turns him into a wolf when he gets stressed out.

And I now realize, after my IM conversation with the lovely and effulgent sunnyd_lite has had time to percolate through my consciousness, that perhaps these bunny rabbits (who are quite frightening and creepy just being rabbits) should also turn into teeny tiny wolves when they get pissed off.

Which they seem to be, like, all the time. So...maybe only when they get really pissed off. Hm. Because for some reason the juice seems to be interacting differently with the bunny DNA than it does with the human DNA. I suppose this makes sense, because the same substance can work differently in different species and even in different sexes, so I might be able to handwave the "science" (such as it is) in this thing.

Well. I'm just going to write it the way I think I should write it and let the consistency take care of itself in the editing room. Write first, dammit. You can't edit words that aren't on the page. And I'm nearly at my goal--38 words to go. Should be able to do that in my frakking sleep.

01:55 am

And there's over 500 words on the day. I just broke 26,000 words.


Poor not!Harry is barely keeping himself in check. The last couple of years have been good for his self-control, but nothing prepared him for, well, this.