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September 26th, 2008

03:31 pm
I should be writing...

But instead...


From the RDJ Route V50 Volvo promo.

01. 02. 03.

Eight more under the cut.Collapse )
Usual protocol: Want, take, have. Comments and credits are nice. No hotlinking, please.

I'm thinking I'm going to use that first one as my default from now on. It applies to writing as well as life.

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06:29 pm
And there's my goal for the day...

And then some. I just cracked 27,000 words.

Chugging right along. I guess.

Considering the word count on this thing so far, it's odd to me that...it's not enough. I don't have enough subplots going for a novel, here. *ponders* Or...maybe...

My Great Swampy Middle hasn't actually arrived yet. It could be that the mini-climax will be the "bad guy" getting ahold of the research that will cure his wife of her ills, and then the major climax will be him taking his vengeance on not!Tony for his brother's death. Somewhere in there, I have to decide if not!Harry gets cured, and whether he lives or dies.

For this to stand alone, I need another, oh, 55,000 words or so. And I'm not sure I have enough plot to sustain that. I'm about a third of the way to what (apparently) publishers like in "novel length."

So. Yeah. I have a bunch of plot threads. Just...not enough, apparently.

I should give my private detective another case. Hm.

And, dudes. I love my shiny new icon. Seriously.