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September 29th, 2008

09:08 am
Weekly word count!

Last week's word count: 24,876

This week's word count: 27,305

Word count for the week: 2,429

Which is less than the previous week's, but I got stuck more often this week. I made my weekly goal of 1,750, so I consider this a win. I've thought about plot stuff some more, and have contrived a way to introduce my antagonist sooner in the narrative.

I'm going to buy a little notebook today or tomorrow specifically for this story, so I have all my notes jotted down in one place instead of scattered throughout several pages of two or three. That might be useful.

Let's see if I can crack 28,000 words today...

07:20 pm

There's 28,000 words.

Go, me.



09:33 pm
More thinky thoughts about the not!KKBB/IM fic...

Because there's nothing like obsessing over a story to make the words flow, amirite?

Okay, my heroes have finally figured out the who. Considering the fact that I set this up from the very start of the story, and didn't keep it a secret from my readers, this won't come as a surprise to the audience. But I asked myself if the characters weren't being awfully dim here, because, dude. 28,000 words and they hadn't tumbled to it yet?

And then I realized that this 28,000 words takes place in a less-than-twenty-four-hour period of time.

I've packed a hell of a lot of action in there. Not!Tony's been shot. Not!Harry's been tortured and shot, has killed four people (three of whom really really deserved it, fer serious, and the other one was an accident), and also is now a werewolf. They've found a basement full of demon bunnies and a box of silver bullets.

And the antagonist is really really pissed. He's in a killing mood, not helped by the fact that he blames not!Tony for his brother's death and (in large part) his wife's illness (via a sin of omission).

So. What I'm doing now is going back in and tightening up and fixing the parts where it might seem as though they actually know the who and the why before this point, because they don't. Not!Perry should be kicking herself for not bringing not!Harry (her pet hacker) into this sooner. *nods*

And I also need to figure out what these characters are very much afraid of. I've done it for not!Harry and not!Harmony, but not!Tony and not!Pepper are tougher nuts to crack, and not!Perry is a complete cipher, her suddenly-developed personality notwithstanding. Maybe she just wants not!Harmony (her daughter) to be happy.

Not!Pepper, I think, is just trying to keep her secret, and not!Tony is going to end up fearing for her safety and (possibly) figuring out that he has more-than-platonic feelings toward his PA. And then being afraid she'll find that out...and quitting. So he has to overcompensate by being even more inappropriate than he already is with her...which will be loads of fun for me to write. Hee.

Forward, into the breach!