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September 30th, 2008

12:36 am

Why, yes. I woke my child up and drove to Walmart at midnight to get my Iron Man DVD. Wearing my Iron Man t-shirt. And poked through the four different versions of it they have to find the one I wanted.

Yes, you read that right. FOUR.

They have one with just one disc.

They have the two-disc special edition with all the extras.

They have the one-disc with another DVD with some cartoony thing on it. Tempting, but not the one I was looking for.

And they have the two-disc special edition with the comic.

The comic is shiny, y'all. TOTALLY. OMG. Seriously, pony up for this.

06:29 pm
So, I realized right before five o'clock...

That today was September 30.

And thus the deadline for this quarter's Writers of the Future.

For which I hadn't prepared anything because I'm still waiting to hear back from that one market for the not!Iron Man story, and I wanted to send WotF that because it's one of three on the list that actually pays any-damn-thing for something that length.

Understand that my local post office closes at 6:30. This gave me an hour and a half to print something out that looked halfway decent and get it there.

Which I managed to do. I handwrote the return addresses on the envelopes while it was printing, because it was quicker and also saved me a buttload of aggravation, the way my printer acts with labels.

So. The Faerie Show Fic is off to Writers of the Future. Wish me luck...

11:42 pm
Writing? What is this "writing" of which you speak?

Instead, I'm making wallpaper.

Behind the cut because whoa, it's huge...Collapse )

I need another subplot. Desperately. I know what needs to happen a couple of scenes down the road, it's just a matter of, I don't know, doing a time-jump or something so I'm there. "They all actually got a good night's sleep, and research commenced until not!Harmony had to leave for her audition and then more badness commenced."

Yeah, no. CRAP.