October 4th, 2008

wolf eyes


I've cracked 30,000 words.


And I was talking today with the handsome and talented Hubby-person about the story, and how it's become All About Not!Harry. And he said "Well, duh, RDJ plays him, right?" And I said "Sure, but he also plays not!Tony, and Tony Stark = hotter than Harry Lockhart (sorry, Harry, you know I love you, but it's true), so that doesn't signify."

And, of course, this has got me to thinking. Maybe the story should be about not!Harry, at least on a surface level. After all, he is, so far, the one who's been the most physically and psychologically injured here. I realize that it was supposed to be about these two high-powered CEO's duking it out, but not!Harry has become the collateral damage, and I'm not sure that not!Tony is willing to pay this high a price.

This puts me right back into "What are these characters afraid of, and what do they want most" territory. I'm pretty sure not!Tony just wants to putter around in his lab and find the cure for cancer while twitting his lovely and capable PA as much as humanly possible. However, my villain...

I think I need another motive for my villain. One on top of the one he already has. Because, seriously, the one he has is perfectly understandable to just about anyone, and not!Tony doesn't really have that good a reason for keeping this thing out of his hands--at least, in a dosage that will help the guy's wife. I mean, yeah, not!Tony's pissed at him for poaching one of his employees and stealing his tech, but he's even admitted he'd do the same thing if not!Pepper was sick. So, I need something else for the main climax.

Of course, the villain is also rather pissed at not!Tony for the death of his brother--even though not!Tony wasn't even in the room and not!Harry was the actual shooter.

Hm. This may...have given me an idea. Maybe.