October 9th, 2008

KKBB manip Tony/Pepper

Much better.

Yesterday? 114 words.

Most of yesterday was spent turning the cesspit of suck I'd written the previous day into something actually good. Which, I've been assured by one of my harshest critics *tips hat to kurukami* it pretty much is now.

Today, so far, I've done over 600 words and cracked 34,000 total. My protags are scared, my antag is pissed, and not!Harry is in a world of hurt that he may not recover from. Because...yeah. The antag isn't just pissed in general, he's very specifically pissed at not!Harry. With, perhaps, good reason.

*evil laughter*

In other news, "Life on Mars" tonight was...intriguing. Isn't it funny how much we depend on instantaneous information and communication these days? I think we'll probably continue to watch this. Also finally got to see Monday's "Chuck" ep. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW. SO VERY VERY MUCH.

AND. And and and... The lovely and effulgent pensive1 posted her stash of loot the other day from her trip to the comic store. Among that stash was an Iron Man comic that you, o flist, have been remiss in telling me exists: To wit, Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas. I spent the day helping sandratayler and howardtayler pack and ship "The Teraport Wars," his new Schlock Mercenary book (which is brilliant, everyone should rush out and buy a copy OMG NOW). And the Dragon's Keep had a copy of issue 2 of IM:VLV. Which I had to grab, because, you know, Favreau and Granov and pretty pretty art.

Of course, then I had to call all over town to see if anyone had any of issue 1 left, which was a faint hope, because, you know, it came out in May and no one told me about it. Luckily for me, Dr. Volt's had it, so we drove all the way across town and it's now in my possession. And it made me laugh out loud several times. SO MUCH LOVE. YES. JON FAVREAU IS A FREAKING GENIUS. Seriously, he wins just for the gratuitous swipe at the French.

*coughs, rearranges clothing* And that is all.