October 12th, 2008

KKBB manip Tony/Pepper

I think I might have said this before...

But this is why we meet with other writers face-to-face.

I don't know what it was, but after meeting with my Writing Buddy last night, I've figured out (mostly) what's next-ish, as of this morning. There's a window in that corner I'd written myself into, and I shall climb through it. It's not next next, but close enough to next that I have something to aim at.

Also, I managed my 250 words yesterday, and made up the deficit from the day before as well. If I make my 250 today (which, frankly, shouldn't be a problem), I'll crack 35K total.

And now I must research heart-lung machines. Because...yeah. *evil laughter*
KKBB manip Tony/Pepper

Well, this is a surprise...

My head researcher seems to be the one who's growing a conscience here.


And there's my 250 words, and yep, I've cracked 35K.

I think I should mull on this some more. Although if I manage another 600 words or so, I'll have 5K on the week...