October 13th, 2008

wolf eyes

It's time for...

The Weekly Word Count!

Drumroll, please...

Last week's word count: 30,735

This week's word count: 35,163

Word count for the week: 4,428

This is two and a half times my weekly goal, and over a thousand more than last week. I realize that my goal's not really all that (250 words a day, 1,750 a week), but it's realistic, and I'd rather set myself up for success than failure.

I've probably got enough plot figured out that I can cruise through this week. I've also realized that not!Harry should...really get a name change. Not only do I have another werewolf character with his first name in another story, but so does Carrie Vaughn in her Kitty series (which is brilliant, everyone should read them), which I just realized this morning. AUGH.
Tony Stark--Anteaters



Not!Harry's shirt should totally be off for this, shouldn't it?

Not because gratuitous shirtless!not!Harry is hawt (even though it totally is), but because they've got heart monitors and stuff on him, and why would they have left his shirt on?

Actually, now that I consider it, I think I'm doing quite well. Not!Harry's really only had his shirt off twice in the whole 35,000 words (although when we opened on him, the shirt was *ahem* shredded. But! he was still wearing it!), and one of those was after he'd been, you know, shot in the chest and was having surgery. And not!Tony hasn't disrobed once, in my memory. Of course, he spends just about the entire not!Iron Man story bare-chested, so...yeah.

*facepalms* I know, I know. "I see you've managed to get your shirt off." And now that I've gratuitously quoted "Galaxy Quest," I'll...just head for my bunk, because the mist of this strange planet is filling my head with such thoughts...

Yeah, yeah. It was cute when you didn't know me.

PS: I made my word count today. More than doubled quadrupled it, in fact. Win.