October 26th, 2008

Tony Stark--Anteaters

And the addiction plot point...

has become a full-fledged piece of the plot. I figured out, during my semi-normal 3am wake-up time, where I should actually incorporate it so that it doesn't come out of the blue and is organic to the character. Go, me?

We made it home yesterday, after some...interesting contretemps at the airport. The flight we were trying to get on, which had over 30 seats open when we checked that morning, slammed shut on us for no reason we could see at the time. And the next flight out looked really iffy. So we were casting about looking for alternatives, thinking about maybe taking the shuttle up to LAX and coming home from there, and about five minutes from making the call that would set that up...

When we hear our name called. Understand that the next flight out doesn't leave for another two hours or so, so hearing them call us was...unusual. The Hubby goes up to the podium and comes back with seat assignments. "Buh?" sez I.

"The flight going to Salt Lake before ours was massively delayed," he said. "We have seats, and they're even together. SCORE."

Apparently the plane coming to San Diego hit a hawk and sucked it into the engine on takeoff, and they had to do an emergency abort and turn back and land back at the originating airport. And then they were scrambling around for equipment and stuff, and a bunch of people who were supposed to be on that flight going out went out on the one that we'd wanted. But this opened up seats on the delayed flight, so we were shiny and now we're home, yay.
Tony Stark--Anteaters

Once again I prove...

that I suck at writing romance.

Or, at least, that writing other kinds of scenes is much much much easier for me to do than all this relationship stuff. But it's done, go me. Now, if only I knew where to go next so I could crack 44K. I have less than a hundred words, surely I can do that...

FIC REC: Five Worse Things You've Caught Me Doing, Iron Man with references to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Seriously, everyone should cross these two fandoms together ALL THE TIME.

And in other news, someone was wrong on the internet, and hopefully I set them straight. Yeah, someone on the IMDB Iron Man board postulated that Tony was a Gary Stu and wondered if he had any faults.

To which I basically replied, "Did you watch the movie?" in a classic Guy Fleegman moment.

Other than the rampant substance abuse, the giant ego, the self-absorption, the Peter Pan complex, and the irresponsibility? Not to mention that he's a risk-taker with the impulse control of a gerbil on crack?

No, no faults at all.

And then they asked for examples. Because, clearly, I didn't make the case. I suppose that a gratuitous assertion may be just as gratuitously denied. Collapse )