October 27th, 2008

Tony Stark--Anteaters

*smacks Muse*

Oh, hey. It's Monday. I should do a Weekly Word Count, shouldn't I?

Last week's word count: 40,663
This week's word count: 44,095
Word count for the week: 3,432

Not bad, considering we were on vacation for a few of those days.

Anyhow, back to smacking the Muse. Because I know what happens down the road. But I don't know what happens right now. And right now is what I need to be writing.

I guess I could merge the current scene (whose POV is iffy right now anyway) into the previous one, and then switch over to my villain to see what's happening with him. And then my villainess could realize "Oh, crap, we made us a new vampire, oops," because of some mystical connection there, which will be all kinds of tension-making, because not!Harry, you know, killed her nephew whom she raised as a son...


Also, LJ's new header fills me with unseemly glee. Just sayin'.