October 28th, 2008

Tony Stark--Anteaters


I have no idea if I made word count yesterday. At this point I'm sort of winging it, and considering the fact that I deleted a bunch of words just now, who the hell knows. If I crack 45K, I think I'll decide to just be happy with that. It's not quite at 44,300 right now.

However. I added a nice thing in the opening scene about not!Harry reverting back to training vis a vis the name, rank, and serial number thing. I know what not!Harry is going to be looking up next--because the Bad Guys planned on killing him and weren't especially careful about hiding who they were. So, he has a name as a starting point, other than the Big Bad, whom they knew about already.

And not!Tony has a new puzzle to solve. I particularly like this 'graph I scribbled yesterday:

At least Alex asked permission before getting a blood sample from Ben, rather than phrasing it as a given, and Megan counted this as progress. Ben clenched his teeth and took deep breaths and carefully didn't look at the needle in his arm, letting Janni hide his face in her shoulder and stroke his hair. But he didn't freak, so Megan guessed they were all making progress of sorts.

Oh, not!Harry. Not!Harmony isn't the only one who wants to snuggle you like whoa.

I wonder if he's going to die.
Tony Stark--Anteaters


Seems like half my flist is doing NaNo this year.

I...won't be. For a number of reasons, most of which have to do with the fact that I'm lucky if I can crank out 250 words in a day, let alone the 1,667 NaNo requires. Also, novel. Notwithstanding the current project (which I'm totally blaming on the presence of two RDJ's), I'm still not sure I have another one of those in me, and I'm pretty sure you're supposed to start something from scratch on Nov. 1 in order to qualify.


In honor of NaNo, I think I'm going to double my daily wordcount goal to 500. Seeing as I've done a little over 16,000 words in the last month, this should be doable. I did the math, and in order to actually finish the thing by the end of November, I'd have to up the daily goal to something like 1200 words, which I just don't see happening as a practical matter. 500, however...yeah.

I hope.

So, I'll be cheering you guys from the sidelines and doing my own thing this year.

As of this moment, I've hit the regular goal of 250 on the day. 400 more and I crack 45,000. I have a scene break, and I think I'll move over to my villains and see what they're up to. Should be some mystical mojo there, I think, when my lady vampire realizes that, oops, she sired one accidentally. Heh. And then not!Harry and not!Pepper are going for a wolfy run.