October 29th, 2008

Tony Stark--Anteaters

Go, me.

I have cracked 45,000 words. *is somewhat gobsmacked by this* Cracked it by a fair bit, in fact.

And I realized that I'm setting up something I wanted to do from the very beginning of this, and it wasn't precisely intentional that I was doing it right now, but it works and I'm not going to look a gift pony in the teeth. Also, this next scene is going to be devilishly difficult to write, because it's wolf POV and that's kind of tough for me, no matter which wolf it is.

*ponders* And now I'm wondering if it would be altered any because not!Harry is also a vampire. I could play with that, some, I think. But I think I'm going to save it for tomorrow.
Tony Stark--Anteaters


You know, some internal consistency in this story might be nice.

I've established that the nanotech makes the recipients alternately exhausted and ravenous as it uses the body's resources to heal it. HOWEVER. I establish that in the second scene where they use it.

Do I have a graceful way of inserting it into the first scene?



Nevermind. I can do it by the simple expedient of them making a detour to the kitchen after not!Tony wakes up from, you know, being shot.

In other news, we're going to Vegas this weekend to watch an NHRA race, which should be fun and exciting, but this means I have tons of things to do today, including a visit to the bank, the comic store (new Spike, Solomon Kane, and Chuck comics today, woo!), and Target, for these:

Understand that I don't get shoe lust very often. I own something like...four? pairs of shoes (seriously--a pair of running shoes, a pair of hiking boots, and two pairs of dressy flats, one light and one dark), and have a philosophy that life is too short to don uncomfortable footwear.

But these...they just speak to me on some primal level. I have no idea where I'm going to wear such things, or even if I ever will, because I'm already ridiculously tall and they look terribly uncomfortable, but... DAMN. Must. Have.

Yeah, I don't know either.