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November 3rd, 2008

10:04 am

We're home from the NHRA race. Remember how I was whining about not getting any writing done?

Yeah. Change of scenery plus no shiny internet to distract me apparently = productivity. Over five thousand words on the weekend, BABY. *buffs nails*

So, with that in mind, it's time for my Weekly Word Count post.

Last week's word count: 44,095
This week's word count: 50,627
Word count for the week: 6,532

See that? SEE THAT??? I cracked 50,000 words over the weekend!

More on the weekend later, but for right now I'm going to rest on my laurels and collapse into a puddle of goo. BAD pillow height this weekend means my back is a big ol' ball o' hurtiness.

09:05 pm
So, rather than writing...

Which is what I should be doing...

I played around in PaintShopPro today.

Because, as soon as I saw these, this weekend, I said, "Tony Stark would SO have one of those. Not only that, but he'd give the board a collective heart attack by actually driving it." And I thought that because I am a giant nerd. Seriously, I'm the only person I know who would combine fandom and NHRA. Just sayin'.

So, I give you...

The Stark Industries Pro-Mod Willys.

Bigger image under the cut. C'mon, you know you NEED to see this.Collapse )

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