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November 4th, 2008

10:31 am

After all was said and done, I got my 500 words done last night.

And I've pretty much realized that there's no turning back for not!Harry at this point. He's stuck the way he is, period. I might have been able to reverse the nanotech lycanthropy. Maybe, possibly, by introducing another nanotech thingy that would eat that extra strand of DNA the original tech graced him with. Maybe.

But when you add vampirism into the mix, and now the fact that he's been bitten by an actual werewolf?

Yeah, he's hosed, and he's just going to have to frakking adjust. Poor fellow.

And that means that my characters need a new goal. One which will be thrust upon them fairly soon, because, really, I do plan some of this stuff. Right now, I'm moving characters around and getting them into place for the next confrontation.

I was going to post a snippet, because it's been awhile, but...I don't really have one, not really, so unless there's a big hue and cry for one, you're going to have to wait. :p

And, no, I haven't voted yet. I will, of course, because it's what I do. I'm pretty sure everyone here knows how I'm going to vote (not that it matters because this is Utah and Obama would actually win here if he only had an R after his name, but I digress), although it might suprise some of you to know that I'm going to vote for a tax increase to support the zoo and the aviary because those are a couple of my pet places and I'd like them to be better than they are--and they actually use tax money responsibly. The schools can bite me, but the zoo and aviary are totally worth it.

Weather sucks. It snowed earlier. Ugh.

03:12 pm

I went poking around my state's election website today. Now, I knew, peripherally, that Dell Schanze was on the ballot, running for Governor on the Libertarian ticket. And I knew, peripherally, that the man is nutty as a fruitcake on his good days and totally off the rails when he forgets to take his meds.

And, seriously, if he wasn't so darn crazy, I might be tempted to vote for him, because I probably agree with him on more issues than I disagree with him on. Other than a couple of pretty fundamental issues, I'm more of a Libertarian than I am a Republican, and probably don't disagree with the Libertarian Party of Utah on those issues--at least, not if they're going to field a candidate like Schanze.

But then he puts this as his qualifications:

SUPERDELL is your only choice because YOU didn't file. Huntsman took away your freedoms and raised taxes more than any governor in the history of Utah. Springmeyer has admitted that he doesn't care about the Constitution. The definition of the word insane is voting for the same people and expecting change.

"There is no question that Dell Schanze is different. There are only 3 people on the ballot and SUPERDELL is the only one that is NOT socialist. If you are unsure then fill your heart with love, completely open your mind and pray to God earnestly. You can't afford to get this wrong and will be held accountable for your choice."

That's verbatim, quote marks and caps included.

Oh, Superdell. Don't ever change, man. The combination of your batshit insanity and your total sense is excellent exercise for my brain.

09:17 pm

Not enough Seabreezes and chocolate on the planet to make me feel good about this, but it's not exactly unexpected.

I can't help but think that if the GOP had picked the candidate the base wanted rather than the candidate the media wanted (Mitt Romney!), the outcome might have been different. And all I hope for now is that, in two years, we get the same result we got under Clinton, with a GOP House and Senate again.

And I HOPE that Obama doesn't CHANGE us into, I don't know, France. Or Venezuela.

Oh well. At least this year I don't have to wait up until midnight.