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November 5th, 2008

11:49 am
So, I'm waking up to...

Obama as President-elect and six inches of snow on the ground. Feh.

Also, Michael Crichton has died. :(

Also, the Muse has decided to go back into hiding. Part of my problem is that not!Tony is trying to persuade one of the bad guy's tech-y people to come work for him...but there's still really nothing they can do for not!Harry. His life will never ever go back to what passes for "normal" for him. But at the same time, they have to try because that's what they do.

But I don't even know where they'd start. I guess reversing the results of the nanotech would be the first thing, but the vampire thing along with him having now been bitten by a real werewolf...

Yeah, I'll say it again. HE'S HOSED.

...ish. I mean, he's still him. He hasn't turned into a bloodsucking fiend from beyond the grave or a crazy psycho wolf-man. He can't get a tan and he's on a semi-liquid diet for the foreseeable future, but on the upside he's really strong, he doesn't have to hide what he is from his employer and his girlfriend, and the panic attacks have been sublimated.

I dunno. Win?

*bangs head on keyboard* Of course, I'm going to be hitting him again here pretty quickly, but it's a matter of getting from here to there without boring the shit out of my audience. Snark. Snark and banter. Must get back to that. Yes.

So, anyway. In order to console myself about the election, I'm going to make an Iron Man vid to "Stray Cat Strut." I grabbed the song from Amazon because they take Pepsi Points for music downloads and I had some lying around. Yay free music.

And I have a meeting with my Writing Buddy tonight and there's a new Invincible Iron Man comic out today. So it's not a total loss.

03:55 pm

Well. I was going to console myself over the election results by making an Iron Man vid.

What I didn't count on was my DVD ripper getting all hinky on me. I'm using SmartRipper, but it apparently doesn't like my Iron Man DVD or something, so I'm considering using something else. Anyone have any recs?

Also! I am holding, in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, a copy of Invincible Iron Man #7, in which Spidey makes an appearance. And this issue points up just how much I don't know about this 'verse and the fact that I really do need to get my hands on at least the IM Civil War trade, if nothing else.

I also got a Miniature Alliance Iron Man keychain, an Iron Man MiniMates set with Tony and Iron Monger (I need the Pepper Potts one like burning), and my copies of Chances Are/Only You and Jim Butcher's Backup. This brings the number of RDJ movies I own up to seven:
Chances Are
Only You
Iron Man
US Marshals
Less Than Zero
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Still waiting on the shoes...

07:25 pm
Friending meme!

Over in therightfangirl, which is a comm for, you guessed it, conservative fangirls (or boys). The meme is here, but it's a locked post, but the comm is open membership, and if you're conservative, you might as well join, right? I'm betting I've got a good few conservatives on my flist who don't know about this comm, and thus I pimp.

11:12 pm
This is why we meet face to face...

with other writers.

Meeting with Writing Buddy went incredibly well tonight. I have much food for thought and an idea of what is making my vampires ill. I might even know how I'm going to fix it, but I need to do some research first. And maybe figure out more about my 'verse's vampire physiology, and what the nanotech stuff does to it.

Poor not!Harry. You know, if I'd just left him dead, this would be a lot easier on him...

Also, I need to give not!Tony something more to do than look through a microscope and go "huh" every once in awhile. Something a little more action-y. He's supposed to be the putative hero of this thing, and all he's done so far is get shot and make inappropriate remarks to his PA.

Timeline and plot outline so far. Those would be excellent to have. Really.

*waves to new people on my flist, points* That right there? Is mostly what this is these days. For those of you who just started playing, the project herein referred to as the "not!kkbb/im fic" began life as a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Iron Man crossover fanfic, until some kind soul at WorldCon, sympathizing with my frustration at being forced (once again) by my oh-so-fickle Muse to write fanfic, said "Why don't you turn it into original fiction? Don't you already have a universe you can drop those characters into?" And he was right, and so I did, and it's turned into...a novel.

Understand that I'm not a natural novel writer. I don't do "long" that often. But this thing just. Won't. End. Which is fine because I've still got 34,000 words to go before I'm happy with the word count. Anyway, I generally refer to my stories in code, and they all have their own pet names. Most of the times the characters actually get to keep their actual names, but in this case I refer to them as not!Whatever-character-they-were-in-the-movies because I'm strange. So, we have not!Tony, not!Pepper, not!Harry, not!Harmony, and not!Perry (who has turned into a woman played, in my head, by Camryn Manheim, because that's how I roll).

And now that you've had this little glimpse into my (very strange) head, I hope I haven't scared you away. ;)