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November 6th, 2008

01:54 pm
"You'll be a dennntist..."

"You have a talent for causing things PAIN!"

Yup, went to the dentist (again) today.

"You need a root canal," he informed me. "Possibly two, but we'd only do one today. Also, we have no oxygen, so we can't use gas to calm you for your mad needle fear." After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I sat back in the chair with Iron Man on the ceiling and headphones in my ear.

Good thing I picked a two-hour movie, y'all.

However. I'm not in pain. Whatever he numbed me with has either worn off or didn't go directly into my face like the stuff normally does, and I'm able to eat. Also, the top tooth that's broken in half? He did some sort of fill-y thing, and I have a whole (temporary) tooth there again. Which feels kind of weird, because it's been broken for years, but okay.

Also, he decided that I don't need a root canal on the lower one after all.

In three weeks, I'll go back (the day before Thanksgiving, whee) and get some crowns and fillings done. I'm supposed to go back in December for...something. I don't remember what.

And now that I'm actually taking good care of my teeth, they don't bleed when I brush them anymore, and the Hubby says my breath is much better these days.


In other news, my (stupid) period started today with a distinct lack of fanfare and exactly 28 days after the last one. When was the last time that happened?

10:18 pm

I got tagged my mommanerd for the "Five Favorite Fics" meme.

Understand that I've written over sixty stories, plus seven drabble collections. Picking only five out of those? Is going to be...tough. But I'll give it a shot. I may add Honorable Mentions to the mix. And they will be in no particular order.Collapse )

Writing? What is this "writing" of which you speak? Yeah, I got nothin' today.