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November 8th, 2008

09:03 am
*eyes current word count*

Well. I've hit my former weekly goal. Barely. This, because I realized last night that now that not!Harry is a vampire, he needed an invitation to go into not!Tony's house the first time they brought him back. *smacks forehead* That's now fixed.

But remember, I doubled that goal in honor of NaNo. So, in order to hit my new goal, I need to do nearly 900 words both today and tomorrow. Part of my problem is that this is all kind-of-boring transitional crap before I smack not!Harry over the head yet again (poor fellow).

Not only that, but I'm deeply afraid that even after I smack not!Harry over the head again, the part after that is going to be boring because it seems to be switching genres from "action-adventure" to "medical thriller." Without the "thrill" part.


*headdesks repeatedly*

On the plus side, I have a timeline, and I thought I'd screwed up when the full moon was supposed to be, but I didn't, so, yay.

In other news, I'm kinda diggin' the new userinfo layout, but I seem to be the only one. Remember LJ's motto: If it ain't broke, we'll fix it 'til it is.

In other other news, Halloween is over, and I'm tempted to retire the RDJ vampire icon in favor of putting the "anteaters steal my sanity" one back, but...I dunno. Considering what I'm writing right now, the vampire one is, well, appropriate.

01:11 pm
Snippet Saturday!

I've posted one here at difrancis's LJ.

Not!Harry? Holding a grudge? Naaaaaaaaaaah...

GAWD, I love him. Can't you tell?

05:25 pm
Learn something new every day.

I had no idea I could make my desktop icons invisible, until I went hunting around in the Help menu for how to move my icons wholesale from one side of the screen to the other. This is...much handier, actually.

I've switched my wallpaper to this (slightly risque and possibly NSFW, although there's no bits showing) and didn't want a bunch of desktop crap covering his face. It's not really helping, although I've done a couple of hundred words on why someone like not!Harry, who has PTSD and panic attacks that send him under the bed with his arms over his head, isn't on something like Xanax the way you think he would be.

He is such a lovely, lovely mess. ♥