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November 9th, 2008

10:19 am

We just had a red-shafted flicker land on our bird feeder.


I am so putting suet on the grocery list...

I mean, really. So far all we've had have been house finches and house sparrows. I should bring the hummingbird feeder inside for the winter.

In order to hit my inflated weekly goal, I need to write about 1500 words today. *wibbles* And in other news, I'm definitely going to get to indulge in my cast-iron fic kink in this story, although it's going to take me a few thousand words to get there. Yay?

It will be news to no one reading this that I'm very very strange.

And the Steelers are actually going to be on television here today. Fortunately, I don't have to make the tough choice between watching them or NASCAR, because the Hubby is out of town and I'll be taping the race for him.

Okay, Robert. Talk to me...

02:05 pm
So, I just finished reading...

The Iron Man "Execute Program" graphic novel.


And now I get why the Civil War gets started. But, Tony, sweetie, your premise is flawed. Guns don't require registration everywhere, and cities like Salt Lake City where they're not are a hell of a lot safer than cities where they are like Los Angeles and New York City. Registration only works for the law-abiding.

The art in this book is fabulous. Tony spends a good deal of it shirtless, always a plus. I need to make some wallpaper...

03:31 pm
I should be writing.

Instead, I'm making KKBB wallpaper.

Bigger one under the cut...Collapse )

*headdesks repeatedly*

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