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November 10th, 2008

12:42 am

And there's my 3500 words on the week. Go, me. *wipes brow* Anything beyond this is gravy.

God, I hope this part of the story isn't boring... Medical research, oh goody. I have learned more about MRIs and accidents that can happen in them than any one person should ever have to know.

More banter, more snark. That would be good. In the meantime, have more KKBB wallpaper:

Bigger one under the cut. Yeah, it's not much different; I just colorized the screencaps...Collapse )

In case anyone is wondering, I've arranged it so I can do other screencaps on that wallpaper too, so if you want me to customize one for you, sing out and give me the caps. More than happy to oblige. I realize it's an obscure movie that, like, twelve people have seen, though. :)

09:25 am
'Tis Monday...

And thus time for...


Drumroll, please...

Last week's word count: 50,627
This week's word count: 54,265
Word count for the week: 3,638

This means I hit my doubled weekly goal, barely. But I hit it!

Of course, I realized this morning that the scene I wrote last night? Is going to require some heavy revision because I thought they wouldn't need another blood sample from not!Harry. What I forgot was that, since the last time they got one, he's been bitten by a "real" werewolf. So...yeah. They're going to want one, if only to see if it affected him.

*sigh* Poor not!Harry = pincushion. For a guy with mad needle fear, I've been poking him a lot.

Oh well. If we're not hitting our own squicks, we're doing something wrong, right?

05:47 pm
Have I mentioned lately...


Because I do. So very very much.

I have no idea what's next, which is frustrating me on a writerly level, but I really like what I wrote last night and the revisions I did this morning. We're back in banter-and-snark mode. Have a taste:

"Can I borrow your driver, Alex?" Janni asked. "I want to go back to our place and pick up some clothes and stuff."

"You can borrow my driver
and my chief of security." Alex grabbed his phone and made a couple of calls. "They'll meet you in the garage."

"Great. Thanks. Will you be all right?" she said to Ben.

"Sure, honey. Try not to get kidnapped."

She gave him a wry grin and kissed his cheek. "Try not to die." She left, flipping them all a wave.

♥ ♥ ♥