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November 11th, 2008

11:39 am
*taps blog*

Is this thing on?

I realized this morning that I have several new friends *waves at them* who weren't around when I posted this snippet. Which I have now edited (not at that link, alas, since I can't edit comments) into something even more horrifying, because Antubis is being recalcitrant and I have no idea how to make a CAT scan anything but boring boring boring. Le sigh.

Anyway. That snippet gives the one I posted last night some actual context. Janni telling Ben "try not to die" is just that much more blackly funny when you realize that, you know, he already did.

Why, yes, I've been accused of having an odd sense of humor. Why do you ask?

Man...is it tomorrow yet in the story? Is it time for me to smack him over the head again?

Also, this right here? COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. Steampunk Victorian all-in-one computer. Seriously.

12:45 pm
Spamming LJ one post at a time...

You know, this writing thing would be a whole lot easier if I could just, you know, put "insert music montage here while characters do boring stuff that requires no dialogue" as an actual scene break.

That would be awesome.

04:40 pm
So, we just saw...

Madagascar 2.

*dies laughing*

OMG, y'all. Every bit as good as the first one. Possibly better. Also, Alec Baldwin getting typecast as the bad guy never gets old and this is the only way I can stand him in anything. Definite DVD collection material. I haven't laughed this hard at a movie in a long time.

And the penguins need their own full-length movie, stat. Fer serious.

(Spoilers in comments.)

In other news, I think a group of short little scenes with a few details on what they're doing will do nicely for a montage, and then I can segue into the next day with not!Harry waking up with a fever and chills. *evil laughter*

09:25 pm
And I just cracked...


Of course, I still need a couple of hundred words so I'm not behind on my weekly goal, but...


*is working on the music-less music montage right now* It's...going. *nods*