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November 13th, 2008

11:54 am

(Doubled) daily goal is done before noon. Go, me.

That also cracks 57,000 words and gets rid of a character I needed to get rid of. I mean, I like writing ensemble as much as the next guy, but this is getting ridiculous. And I've only gotten him offscreen. I'm going to get rid of him in a much more final way later.

In other news, Robert Downey, Jr., is EW's Entertainer of the Year, and it looks as though he'll be working with Ben Stiller again, this time on an animated feature that looks awesome.

02:49 pm

Meme stolen from inlovewithnight, because that's how I roll...

Post the beginning of your current WIP(s).

I have one that's eating my brain right now, as you all should know. And thus, the beginning:

Ben Lockwood's entire body was one mass of raw red pain. These people had snatched him off the street over a day ago, he thought. At first they wanted information about the boss-lady's new job and new employer, and they weren't shy about using brass knuckles and a knife and a cattle prod to pry it out of him.

Once he convinced them that he didn't know much, they changed tacks, although not tactics. Pain was still their weapon of choice, only they shackled him to a stained oaken post the diameter of a telephone pole and proceeded to beat him with a cat o'nine tails, over scars he already had from Afghanistan. The last scream had been wrung from him quite some time ago and all he could do was gasp his name, rank, and serial number, his training taking over. He was having trouble remembering where he was, here or there--the experiences were bleeding together in his head and on his back and he didn't know what anyone wanted from him anymore. Maybe they didn't know either. Maybe it didn't matter.

Gee. With an opening scene like that, maybe this is why the story is All About Him...

07:41 pm
Good God, you're a woman.

I can has new mouse. And it's pink. Also, I didn't pay as much for it as they want on that website, because I am cheap and shop at WalMart. This one has internet buttons, y'all. No longer do I have to move up to the top of my browser for a back or forward button. Whee.

*feels girly*

In other news, I used the word "facepalm" as a noun in the not!KKBB/IM story, and am profoundly unrepentant.