November 14th, 2008

wolf eyes

I dearly love Paint Shop Pro...

It works magic. Magic, I say.

rageandpride was kind enough to do some fabulous screencaps of Iron Man and upload them for those of us who just can't get enough of this movie. And there's a scene in the cave that's badly lit with Tony after he wakes up from the surgery with the magnet in his chest, and the shirt is all unzipped, which, yeah.

Me being me, I wanted to icon it, because that's what I do. However, that scene is dark, y'all, and without some pretty intense "fixing up" would make an icon that was just...not good.

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Tony Stark--Anteaters

I cracked...

58,400 words today. According to my little word meter thingy, that means I'm 68% of the way to 85,000 words.

Sure would be nice to, I don't know, have an endgame in mind.


Sure would.

*beats Antubis*