November 16th, 2008

Tony Stark--Anteaters


There's my 500 words. And then some.

There's 59K. And then some.

There's a marriage proposal. And an acceptance.

And now their lives can go to shit once again. Because that's how I roll.

Because I'm mean and ought to be shot.

Also, the beginnings of an endgame may be making themselves known.

And pretty soon I'm going to have to decide if not!Harmony lives or dies. Because I've been all about hurting not!Harry in this thing, and it might be high time to give the poor guy a little comfort. On the other hand, the image of her dying in his arms after taking a bullet meant for him and then him wolfing permanently and heading for the hills is kind of pinging me pretty good too.

See? SEE how mean I am?
wolf eyes

So, I wrote schmoop yesterday...

And this caused Antubis, understandably, to take a rather abrupt powder, because that's what he does in the presence of schmoop. He is allergic to schmoop. He should have called Flaubert in for backup, silly anteater. Words written today? ZERO. Yup.

Oh well. Day's not over yet. I've hit my weekly goal, but another 500 would be nice. Another 800 would be awesome, because that would kick me over 60K.

Speaking of wordcount, I poked through my not!Iron Man tag tonight and saw that my wordcount for the year as of July was 26,400. Add that to the 59,000 I've done so far on this story, since then, and whoa. I've never, I don't think, had a year this productive--certainly not since I started writing original fiction, anyway. And I'd like to say that I can take credit for it, but, really, the sad fact is that I can't.

Because, let's face it, y'all, the Muse didn't get jumpstarted until I saw Iron Man. And he didn't really kick it into gear until I had the brilliant idea of TWO, TWO Robert Downey, Jr., characters in the same story. And thus a novel, for this natural short-story writer, has been born.

Not that Alex and Ben bear much resemblance at all to Tony and Harry anymore, nope, they're mine mine all mine now, but we takes our inspiration where we gets it, right?