November 17th, 2008

wolf eyes

And the Muse...

continues to stay in hiding.

I started to interrupt the marriage proposal scene with an "oh shit" moment. Understand that this is My Favorite Crutch™, interrupting a conversation I'm done having but don't know how to end with some crisis or other. I do this all the time, to pretty good effect, and don't object to it in principle.


I do object to using this particular "oh shit" moment, because it's supposed to happen later in the story, dammit.

So, a different "oh shit" moment wouldn't go amiss here.

Numfar: Dance of Joy

Wow, that was weird.

I swear I posted this last night, but LJ saved the draft of it so...maybe not. I'd thought I saw it on my flist, though. Sleep-deprived agilebrit is sleep-deprived and possibly hallucinating?


So, I done smacked Antubis around until he by-god cooperated last night. Big nose to the grindstone, fuzzy-butt!

I figured out a lesser crisis to interrupt my scene with. This gets not!Harmony out of the house for a bit so she can come home to find that not!Harry has basically collapsed. Cue her being pissed that no one called her, but if he's up in their room and no one knows and he passed out with the phone in his hand, well...

Anyway. That was over 800 words on the day.

And therefore...

I have broken...


Have I said before that this is a big deal for me? I have, right? I'm not a natural novel writer. Even back when I was writing fanfic, I never had anything this long that was a standalone, although themustardverse altogether is longer than this. But that's four stories, and I'm not even counting the not!Iron Man story as part of this thing, so...

Yeah. Sixty thousand words. And the endgame is coming together. I still don't know if everyone's going to make it or not, and in fact one character is definitely going to die (and I know which one). I guess I'm going to find out in the next twenty thousand words or so just how much Joss has rubbed off on me.

And with that, it's time for... The Weekly Word Count!

Drumroll, please...

Last week's word count: 54,265
This week's word count: 60,055
Word Count for the week: 5,790

*buffs nails* Considering that at the beginning of the week I was tearing my hair out wondering if I was going to hit my goal, I'm going to say that's a damn good week's work.

In other news, we're visiting the HubbyMom this week, so I'll be offline from this afternoon until Friday afternoon. Whether I'll get any actual writing done open question. We shall see.