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November 24th, 2008

10:10 am
It's Monday!

And thus time for...


Drumroll, please.

Last week's word count: 60,055
This week's word count: 67,705
Word count for the week: 7,650

Um, yeah. That's over a thousand words a day, more than double my goal. Remember that the daily goal resets every day, and I was tearing my hair out yesterday over the fact that I can sit in the back of a Cessna and bang out a thousand words, but I plant my butt on the couch at home and the words fly away like particularly shy birds. But I hit over five hundred for the day before bed last night, so, win.

Heading into the home stretch now. Maybe. My end game, which I thought was coming together...isn't, so much, anymore.


08:53 pm
Anyone else...

getting weird-ass spam comments? Just really really bizarre ones? I got one today on my post with the KKBB wallpaper that said

We're going to die, you're going to kill us, oh my God, I can't believe you're so crazy oh my God what are you doing holy mother of God what oh no.

And it's just so random and weird that I'm tempted to leave it there for the lulz.

In other news, we went and saw "Bolt" tonight, the animated movie with the movie star dog who thinks he's a real superhero. And it was TOTAL AWESOMESAUCE. Yeah, you want to see this. Run, don't walk, to the theater. OMG PIGEONS. We stayed to the end of the credits, because that's what we do, and there was a little tiny thing there that was pretty cute.