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November 25th, 2008

10:49 am
*smacks Muse*

Look, Antubis, I realize that sitting in the corner sucking down absinthe and chocolate-covered ants is a fun and tasty way to spend your time, but it would be far more productive if you'd come over here, sit next to me instead, and tell me what's next, dammit.

Yeah, flist, guess how many words I scribbled yesterday? Go on, guess, I dare ya.

Keep in mind that the goal on the month is 500 words a day, which I should be able to do in my sleep. This is less than a page, in the format I'm using, or two formatted manuscript pages.



Yeah. I haven't failed that hard in quite some time.

I mean, I know what happens down the road. I need to kill a character off, yes. Just...not right away. Because I'm all about giving them hope before I snatch it away and laugh maniacally.

Of course, all I'm doing is laughing maniacally right now...

12:20 pm

So, the lovely and effulgent texanfan said something that might be shaking something loose here...

What are the villian's chances of enlisting help? Maybe hooking up with someone he never would if he was thinking straight? Maybe someone with no one's best interests at heart, say someone who wants all of them dead.

I've mentioned "vampire politics" in this thing once or twice before, when the villainess of the piece realized that not!Harry was a vampire and they needed to do something about that.

Clearly, the whole vampires-and-werewolves-in-conflict has been done to the point where it's cliche. I've also made mention of the fact that my villain couple has a possible Romeo-and-Juliet component to it.

Now...she's going to die. This is a given. What if...

What if my Bad Guy is approached by some high mucky-muck in her vampire clan thing, suggesting that perhaps not!Tony actually killed her on purpose as revenge for all the crap they've put him through this week. Someone the Bad Guy wouldn't necessarily trust except he's sick with grief right now and rather pissed that the procedure didn't work so he's a little more susceptible to the implication than he normally would be.

And the high mucky-muck is pissed at not!Tony because...maybe he's upset at not!Tony's refusal to set his company investigating illnesses in the paranormal community. The nanotech is the next big coming thing, could be potentially hugely useful, and not!Tony is all "Nope, not going there, sorry." And once not!Tony's gone, maybe they can put someone more...amenable to a new direction than he was in the Top Spot. It's possible he's infiltrated the Board, if not with actual vampires (because not!Pepper would know, she'd smell that), then with sympathizers.

ETA: Or he's approached by someone in his own pack, which he cut ties with because they were upset with him over marrying a vampire. I think I might like that a little better.

And this will set up my Final Confrontation.

This will, naturally, entail going back and setting it up properly. Introducing such a character might be a start. Also, not!Tony has blown off a teleconference with the Board already, I could put something there...

Posts like these help me with process. Typing out my thoughts as they occur, fleshing them out a bit before I stick them in the fic doc, this is important stuff, here.

11:44 pm

At least I got my 500 words today. Plus a little. I don't fail quite so much.

And this means I passed 68,000 words and am now 80% of the way to my wordcount goal. Yay?

I shall now collapse into a puddle of goo and prepare for my dental appointment tomorrow by attempting to not freak out and loading my purse with my copy of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" to watch while they give me three (count 'em!) crowns.

Also, I seem to have lost my little notebook with all my fic notes in it. If that'd show up again, that'd be peachy, it would.