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November 27th, 2008

05:19 pm
A Happy Thanksgiving...

to those on my flist that celebrate it.

I'm going to call dinner a qualified success. The apple pie ended up burnt, but I think I know why--and it still tasted good, so we referred to it as "blackened" to make me feel better. Understand that I don't actually "cook" all that often, especially not a meal like this. So the fact that everything came out finished at about the same time and actually tasted good? Win.

And now I will collapse into a tryptophan-induced coma and attempt to write...something, while I watch my second favorite football team* lose the game.

At least the dog in the right Group won the dog show today.

*My favorite football teams are the Steelers, and whoever is playing the Cowboys.

10:56 pm
And there's...

my 500 words. Yayness.

Less than 250 more, and I'll have caught up on my goal for the week. Little over 500 more, and I'll crack 70,000.

I can do that, right? Anyone should be able to do that...

Poor, poor not!Tony. Making promises he can't keep, and not!Harry trying to make him feel better by telling him that "he's dealt with worse" has made him feel the opposite of better.

And now he should probably get a phone call. Or a knock on the door.

Something. Problem is, I'm still too far away, word-count-wise, to want to hit the climax just yet--and I still need to figure out where and how the Bad Guy will want to hit not!Tony. And not!Harry, because he's still pissed at him too.

I think I'll sleep on this.