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November 28th, 2008

10:21 am

In the way that's, you know, not.

Why, yes, I'm using LJ to keep track of my monthly cycle. Twenty-one days sucks, and I wish to rip my uterus out with a rusty spork and set it on fire. Can I do that, or would I get arrested?

Yeah, it started last night. Joy.

And I will cease abusing the italics tag now.

However, I'm finding that I (still) dearly love my characters. Not!Tony referred to not!Harmony as not!Harry's "attack angel" in the scene I scribbled last night, which fills me with unseemly glee. And, in the cold light of day, the other words I scribbled last night are still good words and I know what I want to do for my next scene so this, at least, gives me a happy.

Also, I put out a thing of suet a couple of weeks ago, and a red-shafted flicker just landed on it. He didn't eat any, but he knows it's there, and I'm thinking he will thus be back. SCORE.

06:50 pm
*beats Muse*

You know...

What with not!Harmony being all wolferized...

You'd think that some of this story could start being about her. Rather than, you know, her in relation to not!Harry. Her for the sake of herself.

Why why why in the name of all that's holy (or, you know, not, considering the subject matter) can't I give this woman some semblance of something to do that's not All. About. Not!Harry???

Of course, why should she be any different from anyone else in the frelling story? The whole damb thing has been All About Not!Harry from the start, so why should it start being any different 70,000 words in?

Which I haven't quite hit yet, but I will, tonight. Dammit. Determined agilebrit is determined. HAH. 70,000, baby. *shakes tiny fist @ universe*