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December 1st, 2008

01:08 am

You know, I should totally be able to get 200 words out of directing traffic.


Instead, I found out that the Pit of Voles has a KKBB section, so I'm poking around in it looking for fic I haven't read yet. Because I, like Harry, am an idiot. And there's only twenty stories there, so, you know, pbbbbt.

Work first, dummy. THEN read. Jeepers.

Also, I should totally take four more ibuprofen so I don't get awakened (again) at 5am with mouth pain that's an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Because that sucked.

03:11 am
Well, go, me.

Somehow, I managed to go from "Holy crap, am I even going to make word count this week" to "Er, hey...not bad." I'm not sure where I stopped yesterday, and I don't keep a daily total word count, but I know I'd caught up to the goal yesterday. And I think I've done at least a good thousand today, so I'll take it.

I've directed traffic. I know who's upstairs and who's down in the lab. I remembered that not!Tony has a Chief of Security that I probably ought to bring in on this, although the butler (very human, no AI's here) has turned into a rather fun character in the last couple of pages. He's been on the periphery of the thing the whole time, popping in whenever I need him, as butlers do, but...my Writing Buddy had an excellent suggestion about him way back when, and I'm rather gleefully incorporating it now.

I just wish the Hubby was going to be home sooner than midnight tomorrow so he could help me with the gun stuff. Ah well. I can go back later and fill in the details. It's fine for now.

And I'm going to bed. It's nearly 3:30am, my head aches rather fiercely, and I've done good work today. I cracked 72,000 words. This gives me a happy.

10:37 am
It's Monday!

And thus time for...

The Weekly Word Count! /reverb

Drumroll, please.

Last week's word count: 67,705
This week's word count: 72,020
Word count for the week: 4,315

Which is a little more than 800 more than the (inflated) weekly goal. Considering the fact that I had some lost ground to make up for because the beginning of the week pretty much sucked for word count, I will choose to be pleased by this number.

And let's see what we did on the month, shall we?
November 10: 3,638
November 17: 5,790
November 24: 7,650
Today: 4,315
For the month: 21,393

This means I hit my inflated goal and surpassed it by a good six thousand words.

Most productive year of writing ever for me? Y/Y

So. If I decide to keep my inflated daily goal for the month of December, then I'll hit my projected 85,000-word ending spot by the end of the year. This may be problematic, since the Hubby is off from the 9th to the 23rd and vacations are (usually) tough writing times for me (the last two trips notwithstanding), but...

More number-crunching:
Since I started keeping track in September, I've written 50,990 words. Eleven weeks have passed, making my weekly average 4,635. So, even without the inflated goal, if I can keep up that pace, I'll still have an END at the bottom of this puppy by year's end.

We'll see.

06:09 pm
Because LJ knows all...

Anyone know what sort of rifle is being commonly carried by our troops in Afghanistan? Regular front-line guys, not the Elites? Seems to me that the M-16 is the weapon of choice, but I may be outdated or flat wrong.

aadler? Anyone? Google is being singularly unhelpful here.

11:08 pm
And there's my (inflated) goal for the day...

Now I should figure out whose POV the fight scene will be from. And how many minions the Bad Guy will bring. Haven't had one from not!Harry's POV in awhile, and that should be...emotionally draining. YES. I'LL DO THAT. Poor fellow.

In case you're wondering, yeah, you should totally be worried about him. I know I am. He lives, I've decided that much, but what his mental state is going to be when all this is done? Is up for grabs. Perma-wolf is singing a siren song, it is...

And this should have some kind of payoff. Because that's how I roll.

You guys tired of hearing about this thing yet? I worry that I'm boring the shit out of my flist.

And if this headache would go the hell away, that'd be just peachy. The ibuprofen has ceased being effective, and I actually have no idea if I'm sick or if my poor mouth has an infection from all the stuff that's been done to it lately. Guess I'll call the dentist tomorrow. Yayness.