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December 3rd, 2008

10:30 am

I got my 500 words yesterday. Cracked 73K. Yay. Bad Guy is in the house, with a hostage and a pair of minions. He's outgunned, but...hostage. I'm thinking he kills the hostage (because he's not entirely rational at this point) and it all goes to shit from there, but I don't know. I need to leave him alive at the end of this particular standoff, because I have more planned for this. *evil laughter*

So, anyway, the logistics of this scene are...


Yeah, that's a good word.

Also, my mouth still hurts, although not as much as it did over the weekend. I have an appointment for a cleaning tomorrow. I'd just...like to spend a day where I'm not in pain. That'd be peachy. It's wearing me out. The ibuprofen knocks it back, but not out. Woe.

Meeting with Writing Buddy has been pushed back to tomorrow, so I can't bounce this off of him like I'd like to. I could just blow the writing off for the next couple of days and make up for it over the weekend, but I hate doing that.

At least there's new and interesting comics today. Chuck finishes its run, so I can sit down and read it all the way through and have a semblance of continuity. Solomon Kane #3 is also out today. Not that I read #2 yet. And Ender's Shadow #1. I am so far behind on my comic reading...

01:10 pm

I'm getting my new computer all configured.

The first thing that happened was it took me a half hour to figure out how to turn my wireless card on. That was fun.

The first thing I downloaded was Webshots, because I need my screensaver like burning and I clearly have my priorities straight. That actually went without a hitch. It was hitchless. And this makes me suspicious.

Right now I'm grabbing OpenOffice. I still need Spybot, VLC, and a decent anti-virus (because Norton and MacAfee can blow me, the frelling resource hogs). I need a DVD/CD drive, and I think I might buy an MS Word suite, because that's the *expletive deleted* industry standard. Yuck. Usually MS can blow me too, but, you know. Industry stuff. Until I have a way of installing things via CD, I'm going to use OpenOffice.

And I need to get my pictures and documents and all that other happy horse poo transferred over as well. And then I can pass this puter over to the Hubby and he can sell the HP that's on its last legs on eBay.

08:40 pm
I've done most of the downloads...

on the new computer. I should figure out how to connect that one to this one, wirelessly, so I can just transfer the files I want transferred, but that's going to have to wait, I think, until tomorrow.

The logistics of the current scene are driving me slightly crazy. My Bad Guy isn't entirely sane or stable right now, he's got two minions and a hostage. I'm pretty sure the hostage is going to bite it, and the minions too, but I need to leave him alive for a bit. Because I'm mean that way.

But figuring out how to accomplish this so that it makes narrative sense...

Yeah. Not doing too well in that department. All these well-armed people, bullets flying everywhere--Alex has to live. Ben has to live. I'd rather not kill the butler off. And the Bad Guy has to live.

Question is, why would they leave him alive? He's a very bad man. He wants Ben and Alex dead, preferably slowly and painfully.

Also, Pushing Daisies crossed over with Wonderfalls tonight, which filled me with unseemly glee.