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December 4th, 2008

09:38 am
You have got to be shitting me...

So, we sold our little Sony Picturebook on eBay last night. Got a pretty decent price for it, and I thought all was well.

And then I wake up to this in my inbox:

hello Julie i was the winner of this item. I wanted to pay you the fee, for you to relist this item again. The reason was that i put a bid in another laptop and also i win. if is ok with you i can send it by paypal so you can relisted just let me know what is the cost.

NO, MORON. IT IS NOT OKAY. What part of "Your bid is a binding contract" don't you understand? eBay cautions you over and over against bidding on more than one of the same thing at a time for just this reason. Not only that, but you bid in the final minute of the auction! Snipers are supposed to be smarter than this!

Do you have any idea the hassle this is going to cause me? Not only do I have to deal with eBay's and Paypal's fees, but I either have to relist it or mess with a second-chance offer--and I'm going on vacation next week. Not only that, but I have to find a diplomatic way of saying "Suck it up, you won, you pay," which may be even more of a hassle for me but might save some poor other seller some grief down the road.



X-posted to ebay_stupid.

01:18 pm
OMG, y'all.

I just realized that in the scene I wrote last night, I have two shirtless RDJs in the room. WITH BRUISES.

The earth is not vast enough to contain that much hotness. I'm amazed I didn't cause some sort of worldwide global warming event.

And this morning I was at the dentist's office (whee--very good news on that front, it's like I have a different mouth, go, me), and I thought I'd written myself into a corner because it's not like they can call the cops (y, hello thar, illegal weapons, how r u today?). They can't just let the Bad Guy go because he wants not!Tony and not!Harry dead and probably won't stop until they are. By the same token, not!Tony isn't a murderer, so just flat killing him is out--although The Butler could probably make him disappear. However, that would raise questions too, because the Bad Guy is a high-powered CEO of a major corporation and everyone knows that he and not!Tony don't exactly get along.

So, I'm going, well, HELL, what do I do now? And then I smacked myself on the forehead and realized that it doesn't matter, because I already had this scene planned out and I forgot (very briefly) how it ends. But now I remember, so it's all good. The cranial flatulence has abated, and now I can sit down and write the scene, because it's all outlined and stuff.

And I need to go back and set up not!Harry's emotional state a little better, so that his actions here make a bit more sense. *evil laughter*

I still haven't decided if not!Harmony is going to live...

I fired off a diplomatic, but to-the-point, email to my "buyer." We'll see what he says.

04:41 pm
*headdesks repeatedly*


I was going to have not!Tony tie the Bad Guy to the chair with rope. Inexpertly. So that said Bad Guy can get an arm loose and shoot...someone with a hidden gun they failed to search him for in the excitement. No, I don't know who he's going to shoot yet, or if that person lives or dies. Shut up; I'll decide when I get there.

However, in a previous scene, they used zip ties for the same purpose.

Zip ties would be much more difficult to get loose from.

*ponders* Bad Guy's gun arm is injured. What if not!Tony only secures the upper part of his arm to the chair out of a mistaken sense of chivalry...

I'm not sure that either the Butler or his Security Chief would like that, considering the nature of said Bad Guy.

CRAP. I hate it when my major plot points get blown apart by logistics...

You know what, never mind, it still works, and I'm monumentally stupid. Just ignore me.

06:16 pm
*headdesks repeatedly*

The one problem solved with this scene notwithstanding, I still have another problem, which is how my Bad Guy gets ahold of a gun. Because my characters are neither stupid nor sloppy and they'd search him before securing him to the chair.

And they're all standing right there, so someone would notice if it didn't get done.