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December 5th, 2008

10:28 am
Well, that's something...

My buyer got back to me and agreed to pay for the auction. I'll watch my account and see when he decides to do so. I will not give him forever.

In other news, I love my little computer so very very much. I'm still getting used to the teeny little keyboard and where the right side shift key is, but it's tiny and quiet and doesn't burn my lap and I luuurrrrrrrrves it, I does. Yesh.

In other other news, I think I know where I'm going with this scene. I didn't hit word count yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I will today what with everything that's going to happen here.

Oh, not!Harry...

I think...I think she lives. He just doesn't know it right away. And if there could be some sort of role reversal here, where he has to take care of her, that'd be peachy.

07:51 pm
And here we go...

And it's crunch time for me.

Does she live, or does she die?

And if she lives, I'll have to pull the KKBB dodge where not!Harry thinks she's dead. I can let the audience in on it right away, however, so maybe it's not as much of a cheat as it was in the movie. That's what my Writing Buddy said, anyway.

Am I writing tragedy, or romance? And when does it start being "piling on"?

And with the sort of day I've had, I'm feeling rather Joss-ish and almost wanting to kill her off... However, I'd be doing it for personal reasons rather than plot reasons, so...

Yeah, no. I think...I think...

I think she lives.

11:16 pm

Well. No problems hitting my word count today, that's for sure.

Oh, Ben. (That would be not!Harry to y'all.)

*scrubs face*

Yeah, I just broke the ever-lovin' shit out of him. Again. Because he thinks she's dead and not!Pepper is having a hell of a time convincing him that she's not just saying she isn't in order to get him to come home. And she's got nothing but her voice, no weapons, no phone, no nothing, and he's sitting there with the barrel of his M4 under his chin saying "my fault."

The poor guy has just had enough, you know? He hit the end of his rope and fell off it a long time ago.

And this cracks 75,000 words yeah, scratch that. 76,000 words. Omigawd, y'all. And I'm not done with this scene...

*repeats mantra to self* It's a romance, not a tragedy. It's a romance, not a tragedy.