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December 6th, 2008

11:45 am
Speaking of breaking characters...

I've committed snippetage at difrancis's LJ.

Which, if you read last night's entry after I finished writing this scene, is basically not!Harry articulating all that, but...yeah.

I had a tough time picking this time because I scribbled a lot that I consider GOLD this week. But I went with that because, well, I'm evil.

Remember that I went to the School Of Joss. There's no guarantee that I'll actually rescue him this time...

11:55 pm
Well, DAMN.

I think...

I think I just hit my climax way too early. I'm not sure I can vamp for another 9000 words. Also, while that was a most excellent climax, I think the way I fixed this one part is a little anti-climactic and maybe too "easy." Because I'm all about not making it easy on them whatsoever. School of Joss. There have to be repercussions to not!Harry sitting there in the scrub with the muzzle of an automatic weapon under his chin.


Maybe I should sleep on it, even though I haven't come close to my word count goal for the day. I've already cracked the goal for the week, so technically anything else is gravy, but I also reset the counter every morning, so...

And again I say: Frak.