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December 7th, 2008

10:48 am
So, I deleted...

a bunch of stuff I wrote last night because it sucked.

And then I replaced it with something that was awesome instead, even in the cold light of day. So, WIN.

Hallucinating!not!Harry is a whole lot more fun to write than what I had previously, especially when his sarcasm circuits are firing. And especially when he's not really hallucinating but thinks he is. *nods*

And I hit my daily goal plus a little. Win again.

ALSO, I have the next Source o'Angst. Win the third.

This requires me researching skull fractures. Heh.

I'm still getting used to my new keyboard. It's fine other than the right-side shift key, which seems to be in exactly the wrong spot, but I'll adjust. The number keys are actually bigger than the ones on my old laptop, so I guess it's a tradeoff. I really really love this little computer. It's light and quiet and the screen is purty (well, the pic I have on my desktop is nom-worthy, so, yeah).

05:39 pm
*does the Dance of Joy*

Once a year, my two favorite teams (the Steelers, and whoever is playing the Cowboys) are the same team. And so it was today. After a nail-biter, my Steelers defeated the Cowboys by intercepting the ball and running it in for a touchdown. WOOOOT!

In celebration (because not only did they win, but I got to watch them do it, which hardly ever happens), I give you a snippet:


The voice in the scrub had them both jerking their heads around, and then Janni burst onto the scene, reeking of blood and fear. She stopped short, her hand going to her mouth. "Ben?"

His gun stayed under his chin, steady as a rock. How could he be that steady? Megan was shaking so hard her teeth were rattling.

"I have to admit that this is the most realistic hallucination I've ever had," he said. "The PTSD is working overtime today. Bravo."

"I told you--" Megan started.

"And my brain took it and ran with it."

"Sweetie," Janni said carefully. She was shaking, too; Megan could see that even from twenty feet away. "Put the gun down. I'm not a hallucination."

"That's what they all say before they start with the needles and the torture." The rifle still didn't move. "I watched Janni die. Therefore, you're not real."

"We can't both be hallucinating the same thing, Ben." Megan tried to be reasonable, but her voice wasn't working properly, and she wasn't sure how convincing she was. "You're scaring her."

"Makes a nice change from my other hallucinations. Usually they're scaring me."

Man, I love it when Ben's sarcasm circuits are firing on all cylinders. As I said in a comment earlier today, he's terribly self-aware, and sometimes I think he's a little too self-aware--and then I watch an interview with RDJ and think, "No, he's just about right."