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December 9th, 2008

12:24 pm
*eyes novel o' doom*

Which is eyeing me back, rather malevolently. Yeah, less than 200 words yesterday. I suck.

The ending still eludes me. My Writing Buddy had some suggestions, which may or may not work--one definitely won't, because I've got a sequel to this thing already written that it needs to fit into, although I might be able to tweak it so that the threat doesn't actually materialize.

But there should be fallout, right? Both personal and professional? Someone of my Bad Guy's stature can't just disappear without leaving ripples the size of tsunamis. And since it's well-known that he and not!Tony had this whole "massive dislike for each other" thing going...

Questions will be asked. Especially since the last time people saw the Bad Guy in public was at not!Tony's building, in the company of not!Tony.

But right now they're decompressing from this. And I suck at writing decompression scenes. There will be pie. Yes. I'd like some myself, honestly...

In other news, we're taking the Cessna to Port Aransas to visit my folks tomorrow. We'll be there a week, give or take, but I should have internet access.

I'm getting to the point where my flist is getting...unwieldy, and I'm regretfully considering a cut. I won't cut anyone who's friended me, so anyone actually reading this probably won't be affected.