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December 15th, 2008

09:28 am
Welcome to Monday...

and the Weekly Word Count.

Which is going to be depressing this week, just so you're warned.

Last week's word count: 77,352
This week's word count: 80,015
Word count for the week: 2,663

Which hits my original goal of 250 a day, but misses the inflated goal of 500 a day.

Le sigh.

Usually I'm not a glass-half-empty sort of person (I tend to see a glass that's too big for the job), but I'm unhappy about this. Vacation is not an excuse; my last two vacations had me cranking out words like nobody's business, so, yeah.

However, in an IM discussion with bigsciencybrain *squishes her* last night, I may have solidified my End Game. Maybe. I'll have to go back and seed it more than I have, but it's possibly coming together.

11:55 am
Wolverine Origins.

OMG, y'all.


Is it May yet?