December 17th, 2008

wolf eyes

Yeah, you know what?

I'm...not even going to try to catch up with LJ. Seriously. If anyone posted anything important, let me know here, but...dude. No mas, you know?


I can has End Game. I can has shiny end game with corporate shenanigans and demon bunnies in the board room. I can have not!Tony in full-on boy-am-I-pissed mode and someone might just get punched in the face by the time this is over with. And, honestly? He might look like a mild-mannered science geek spending all his time peering through a microscope, but he also plays as hard as he works and he's in really good shape (other than the, you know, liver damage). wouldn't want him to hit you. Trust me on this.

And this gets me back full circle to the whole reason he hired his private investigator in the first place. And now I just realized why he should take not!Harry to the board meeting--he's more than an Object Lesson in What Can Go Wrong and Why We Don't Do This, he uncovered the information that led not!Tony to the bad guys on his own board.

This means that, while I may not hit my goal for the week (again), I think I'm going to finish this bad boy by the end of the year.