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December 21st, 2008

04:30 pm

Show, don't tell. Show, don't tell.

I'm thisclose to being done with the first draft of this sucker, y'all. I've cracked 84,100 words, and it's trying to gallop to a conclusion without the careful writing that's gotten me this far.

Showing rather than telling also has the advantage of adding to my wordcount. So there.

SocloseIcantasteit. OMG.

09:52 pm
Day three...

of the Happiness Meme:

I have stuck an END at the bottom of the not!kkbb/im story. Novel. Thing.

I'm not sure I'm actually satisfied with the words I used to end it with, but this is what the editing process is for, right?

Flist! Do the Dance of Joy with me!