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December 22nd, 2008

11:13 am
I's Monday...

And thus time for...


Extra special drumroll please...

Last week's word count: 80,015
This week's word count: 85,138
Word count for the week: 5,123

There's my word count goal for the book, and there's an END at the bottom.

*combines Dance of Joy with Snoopy Dance because I'm weird that way*

Now I get to edit it into something that doesn't suck.

I love editing. And no, that's not sarcasm, I really do.

I need to email the rest of this to my Writing Buddy. And I need to figure out how I'm going to post it for the Concrit Group.

I may create a new LJ for that purpose. *ponders*

09:16 pm
Happiness is...

homemade fudge.


There's Day Three of the Happiness Meme. :)