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December 25th, 2008

10:30 am
A very Merry Christmas...

to those on my flist who celebrate it.

Happy Holidays to those who celebrate something else.

And, um...happy Thursday to those who don't celebrate anything at all?

*smishes you all*

I don't get to open prezzies until Saturday, since the Hubby left for work yesterday and doesn't get back until then. And I think I'm actually using my prezzie right now anyway. So...yeah. Quiet day today, watching the blizzard. Very glad I don't have to go out.

In other news--

Rather than posting the not!kkbb/im story under a heavy filter, having to format it for the web, break it up into several posts, remember the filter, yaddayaddayadda...

I'm thinking about emailing it as a file attachment to interested parties.

Now, I started writing this thing in WordPerfect, and switched to Open Office about 2/3 of the way through. I can save it as an .rtf file if needed, but I don't know how the formatting would come through--I think it would be all right, and it's not like there's any "special" formatting anyway, but I've already got it saved eight ways from Sunday and doing it again just seems like a pain. *eyes all the different docs* 'Bout time I gave this thing its own folder, yes...

Unless anyone has serious objections, I think that's what I'm going to do. So, sing out if you're interested, leave me an email addy (I can screen the post if you like), and tell me if you have Open Office so I know if I should save it as an .rtf or not (which any word processor should be able to open). On another note, if you don't have Open Office, why not, for heaven's sake? It's free, it opens any file format under the sun, and it's free. Did I mention the free part?

So. That's where it sits right now. I'm about midway through my first editing pass, where I'm getting an overall view of how it hangs together, and I have a meeting with my Writing Buddy on Sunday to see what he thinks about it. So it won't go out or up or whatever until probably Monday or Tuesday at the earliest, maybe not until Friday.

04:14 pm
Day six: The Happiness Meme...

Happiness is...

Finishing my read-through of the novelthing and having the same reaction Tony Stark did when he crashlanded in the desert after blowing up the Ten Rings.

Not bad.

And now I need to work on Mark II.

There's stuff in there that needs a better setup. There's other stuff that didn't get a payoff. There's emotional scenes that need more resonance. There's a few actions that should probably get heavier repercussions.

And perhaps not!Tony's "manic grin" should get...less of a workout. He seems to wear that expression a lot. Because he's just that way.

I need to go through and find repetitive phrases. Yes.