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December 27th, 2008

07:55 pm
Day eight: Happiness is:

Giving the Hubby a present he really really wanted that was actually easy for him to install on his Durango.

Also, deciding how I'm going to edit the novelthing. I'm going to go through it character by character rather than scene by scene. THEN go through it scene by scene.

In other news, for the RDJ fans on my flist, I saw "Fur" and KKBB in the $5 bin at Walmart today. So if you haven't got them and wanted them, now's the time. :) Naturally, I picked "Fur" up, used, in Port Aransas, for $8
a couple of weeks ago. *eyeroll*

I hope that some of the others of his I'm trying to get end up in the same bin soon. They're old enough, and he's popular enough now...