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December 29th, 2008

02:11 pm
Bad writer! No cookie!

Okay, seriously. Whose POV is this scene in:

Alex rubbed his eyes and peered through the microscope yet again. He hadn't slept at all; instead he'd stayed up looking for answers that remained stubbornly elusive. Janni sat on the couch with a thousand-yard stare, and Pamela was using Megan's research of the previous night to hunt down more Ostheim properties. Megan sat at the desk doing email triage. Some board members were making noise again, and she told them that Alex was involved in a special project and couldn't make a teleconference for at least a few more days. She opened the next one, and--

Inhaled sharply. "No. Oh, no."

*smacks own head* I mean, I realize why I did that thing about the board members, but I did it in exactly the wrong place for the POV that scene was supposed to be in. Which means I need to figure out another place to talk about the board members making noise and Alex ignoring them.

In other news, I went to the dentist today (again), and ow. Gawd, I hate this...