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December 31st, 2008

11:24 am
No, no...

No, no, no.

I am not going to write an Iron Man story wherein cut for the OMG this is SO badwrong...Collapse )

pensive1, you got this?

04:36 pm

It don't ever go smooth, does it?

So, I went out to run some errands today. Get the plane registered, run by Kid to Kid since it was right over there, etc.

Of course, the first thing I discovered was that the DMV has apparently moved. Well, shit. That's...not good. So now I need to find out where they are. Whee. Which I have now done. Yeah, I'm not going to make it there in time. Whatevs, it's not like we're going to be flying the damn plane before the 2nd anyway.

Then we try Kid to Kid. Because Da Boy is in need of long pants. Desperately. Of course, it being New Year's Eve, they closed at 3:00. We got there a little past 3:30.

The water bill got paid without any hassle. As did my massive library fine. Word to the wise? Losing two DVDs? BAD IDEA. On the plus side, they were having a 10 for $10 sale, so I picked up some books for cheap, and not all of them were even ex-lib. Win. Also, if I ever find the DVDs again (because they have to be in this stack of crap somewhere, right???), I'll have two more RDJ movies in my collection.

Then I came home to print up my WotF entry. And promptly printed out 27 pages of story where the header is in the wrong format because I've switched programs. Nice. And then I had to print out page one again (twice) because I left my name on it.

Just...screw this day, sideways with a cactus, all right? So far, one of the only bright spots has been collaborating with pensive1 over IM on the BadWrong Broken!Tony fic.

So, yes. Grumpy agilebrit is grumpy. Happy frakkin' New Year.

07:04 pm
Year in review...

Writing-wise, anyway.

Interesting, she sez, perusing her spreadsheet.

There was the Giant Bugs story. Which clocked in at 4200 words.
There was the Bunny From Hell story. 999 words. Call it an even thousand, because we round.
There was the Faerie Show fic. 5700 words.
There was the Not!Iron Man story. 16,700 words.

Oh, and there was a little piece of Iron Man fanfic, which clocked in at about 3,000 words.

All that was completed by the end of July. 30,600 words at that point, and I was feeling kind of bummed out because, hey, that's...not great. Especially since 3000 of it was fanfic, and my goal had been to write a story every two weeks. Phbbbt. Whatever.

And then...

I got bitten by a crossover bug. What would happen, the Muse whispered in my ear, if Tony Stark hired Perry Van Shrike to look into some industrial espionage for him? I shook my fist at the Evil Muse and staunchly refused to write it. I resisted for, oh...a day. Maybe. If that. And boy was I grumpy about it because, you know, I didn't want to write fanfic anymore.

So, I get three thousand words into it, and I'm bitching and moaning at WorldCon about it, and some kind soul *waves at Rex, who may or may not be reading this* said "Well...don't you have a world you can drop these characters into?"

Huh, sez I.


So. What happens when you take two characters played by Robert Downey, Jr., stick them in a blender, and hit "puree"?

For one thing, the character the thing wasn't supposed to be about kind of takes over and says "My story, bitch."

And for another, you crank out over 85,000 words in five months and write a novel, even though you resisted calling it that for the longest time because you were afraid you'd scare the bugger away.

And the word count on the year comes in at around 115,000. Which is...nothing to sneeze at. Considering the fact that last year's output was not quite 45,000...

Yeah. I will choose to be pleased by that.

10:31 pm
Oh, you have gotta be shittin' me...


I sent off the Faerie Show fic to Writers of the Future for this quarter.

Guess what I sent off last quarter?


*bangs head on keyboard* This is what happens when I forget to keep records and get involved in writing rather than subbing.

I am such a friggin' idiot.