January 7th, 2013

Write Dammit

The NaNo Project o'Doom...

Continues apace. I just hit 14,000 words in the Angry Bitter Angel story. He is in so much trouble right now, and I'm so far ahead that I've blown past tomorrow's wordcount and am merrily chipping away at Wednesday's.

That being said, I don't see any way of finishing this thing in 17,000 words, which is my self-imposed limit. It's not an arbitrary number; it's the top wordcount for a Writers of the Future entry. And the point of this project was to do several shorts that I could then sell, not a novel that would languish on my hard drive because I hate the agent hunt process with the fire of a thousand suns and don't want to start that whole heartbreaking cycle over again.

So. Anyway. Week One is an unqualified success, and I have a happy.
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  • Sun, 18:46: Have hit Bonus Two on my wordcount today. Which means I've scribbled 2200 words so far and the day's not over yet. #amwriting
  • Sun, 20:45: 13,600 words total. 2600 on the day, which is not over yet. My angel is screwed, and I've got Tuesday's count in the can. #amwriting
  • Mon, 07:47: The NaNo Project o'Doom...… http://t.co/KqiS7l0d
  • Mon, 08:45: This thing is turning into a talkfest. I foresee massive verbiage being excised in edits. Argh.
Urge to bitchslap

Wow, so that's audacious.

Someone named "Eve Pearce" spammed contacted me today out of the blue to see if I wanted her to provide me some "content" for my LJ--at no cost! (bolding hers) Right. Because I'd want to pay someone else to put things here? Why? This is my personal blog. I write my own damn content.

Not only that, she's "working on behalf of one of her business clients," whom she would link to in her articles "in a related and subtle manner." Wait, what? Seems to me that if I'm providing the platform for their ads, then shouldn't they be paying me? Especially since this is an account I pay for.

So, basically, she wants to use my LJ to advertise her stuff and not pay me--and she thinks she can fool me into thinking she's doing me a favor. Wow.

Nice work if you can get it. Dude, get your own LJ and put your own content on it. You don't even have to get a paid account, and that way I'm not waking up to something like this in my inbox.
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Writer of Wrongs

Well, crap.

You know, I just realized that I've given the human character in this story no redeeming qualities whatsoever. You sympathize with the shoulder demon more than you do the human. Ideally, you want this dude to change his ways instead of burning in Hell, if I'm telling the story right.

I should give the guy a cat or something, a creature he loves and cares for. Because, yeah, he's one-note at this point and I need to fix that--preferably before I hand off what I have to my Writing Buddy.

I guess it's a sign of my growing maturity as a writer that I'm catching these things before I'm done with my first draft. Yay?