January 8th, 2013

Write Dammit

Week one of the NaNo Project o'Doom is in the can.

Some thoughts:
  • So far, the process is working out well. I hit the Great Swampy Middle and then kind of just blew past it.

  • I've hit my primary goal every day. Right now, I have tomorrow's goal done and have already done 700 words this morning. I had one day where I only got 800 words, but I was ahead enough that day that it didn't matter. I have a first goal, based on 1700 words per day, and then three bonus goals. That was the only day I didn't hit at least one bonus goal.

  • I never got to the point where I hate the story. I don't know if this is a function of having an outline and knowing where it's going before I start, so I'm not flailing around trying to figure out what's next. Or it could be the fact that I'm writing so fast that I don't have time to hate it. But the fact remains that I like this thing rather a lot and always have.

  • I said when I outlined this that I could probably get a novel out of it. I still think that maybe I could. But I've managed to keep the focus tight enough that I think it'll end up at a 20,000-word first draft. Not the 17,000 I was hoping for, but I might be able to excise enough in edits that it slips under that 17K mark.

  • Getting up early and banging out words when no one else is up is a definite plus.

So far, this project is a rousing success. That being said, I've been working on one story the entire time. We'll see what happens when I start the next one.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to just finish this one after it blows past 17K or not. I guess it depends if I'm wresting words out of the ether or if they're freely flowing. Right now, they're freely flowing.

I may give you a snippet later today. Thanks for coming on the ride with me.
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  • Mon, 13:17: Wow, so that's audacious.… http://t.co/zHPJ6WLe
  • Mon, 16:14: Well, crap.… http://t.co/cJYqd6fH
  • Mon, 22:57: And there's my Bonus #1. It took all day, but now I have Wed's count in the can. Pinch Two starts NOW. Well. In the morning, anyway.
  • Tue, 07:14: Epic swordfight ahoy! 500 words so far this morning. There's no way this wraps at 17K, but at least my protag is finally doing something.
  • Tue, 07:56: Week one of the NaNo Project o'Doom is in the can.… http://t.co/KPF8TN8X
  • Tue, 09:11: Apparently when I write about angels and demons, kids die in my stories. I might want to see to that. #notagoodperson #amwriting
  • Tue, 10:18: And that's 17,000 words. In one story. I'm going to continue, because it's popping now. Even with an outline, I can still be surprised.
Numfar: Dance of Joy


I just put one of those at the bottom of the Angry Bitter Angel story. 3600 words on my day and I am cooked, but I'm also way ahead. I could stop until Friday, if I wanted to. It clocked in at 18900, which is more than I wanted but less than I expected.

So the first draft is done and I can stop now. I think I'm going to. I mean, I might look at the other outlines and pick something for tomorrow, but the writing part for today is finished.

*collapses into a puddle of goo*
Guri praise the Lord

No rest for the wicked.

I gave my extant outlines to my Writing Buddy tonight and asked him which one pinged him. He picked "Extradimensional Eldritch Horrors in the Retirement Community Coming in Through the Plumbing" (which I will need to shorten somehow because damn). I just call it "Extradimensional Plumbing" for the title of the outline, so maybe that.

That outline needs some work, which I will do tomorrow morning and then begin writing tomorrow afternoon. I have done some math to figure out what my Bonus Goals are. If I hit my first Bonus Goal, that will be Saturday's total. If I match today's output (AHAHA--understand that I have never written this many words in a day before, ever), then I'll be at the Ideal Total, which is predicated on 2500 words a day. Haven't hit that one in awhile, but I may try. We'll see how the words come.

Week One = SUCCESS

We shall see what Week Two brings.