January 15th, 2013

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That which does not kill me

Riddle me this, flist.

This is the second time I've gotten embroiled in a discussion with someone who thinks that gun owners need to be licensed and registered and insured, "just like car owners." The insurance is in case someone breaks into my house, steals my gun (you know, the one I lost in that terrible volcano accident), and uses it in a criminal act.

In other words, it's my fault if a bad guy steals my stuff and then uses it to hurt someone. At least, according to these people. They bring up the fact that cars are licensed and regulated and insured.

But the fact is, not all cars are. We own a drag-racing car. It is not licensed, registered, or insured. We trailer it to the track and trailer it home. It's a powerful beast that does a quarter mile in under ten seconds at sea level. Hell, it doesn't even need a key to start it.

What if someone broke into my garage, stole it, and used it to mow down a bunch of kids in a crosswalk by a school? Would the same people who would howl for my head if someone stole my gun and used it to mow down a bunch of kids also howl for my head if someone used my racecar for the same purpose?

For that matter, what if someone steals my (licensed, registered, insured) PT Cruiser and does something terrible with it? In the eyes of the gun-grabbers, am I liable then? Would they come after me and my insurance company for damages?

How about my chainsaw? It's covered the same way my gun is, but it could do terrible things in the wrong hands. Or, what if I collected swords? A sword, arguably, is also only used to "take human life," more so than a gun, even, because when was the last time you took a sword to the range and used it to slash at paper?

Or are guns just special? I mean, they talk about the fact that we license and insure cars, but that's not so, not necessarily, not in every case--I'm a member of an off-roading culture that also doesn't license and insure all its vehicles. My homeowners policy covers the theft of my guns and any injury sustained on my property. Why should I have additional insurance that covers me in the event that someone commits a criminal act using my property that they stole, off my property?

I thought we were done blaming victims. Guess not, if the victims are evil gun owners.